Field Intelligence - jwardenphotography

Knowing where and when you might find wildlife is a critical aspect to wildlife photography.  I'm happy to share where  and when I have had the best results.

21 Nov 2014: at 8:00 AM

Moose Meadows, Bow Valley Parkway, Banff National Park

Found a Moose family, adult bull, female and a male yearling at 8:00 AM.  Sunrise wasn't until 8:30, so it was still quite dark.  Had to shoot at 800 ISO, but did manage to get some shots.

26 October 2014, Cooking Lake - Blackfoot Rec Area east of Sherwood Park

The Edmonton Journal reports that 12 – 15 wolves are frequenting the Elk Island National Park and Cooking Lake-Blackfoot Provincial Recreation Area, east of Sherwood Park. I haven't seen or heard them, but what an opportunity.

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