Lines - jwardenphotography

Emily Carr, who is in the master class of Canadian landscape artists, provided us with advice on the importance of lines in what we observe.

Direction, that's what I'm after, everything moving together, relative movement, sympathetic movement, connected movement, flowing, liquid, universal movement, all directions summing up in one grand direction, leading the eye forward, and satisfying.

We see lines as contrasting tones, colors and shadows that convey the power of movement. They attract and focus our attention offering us the opportunities of our quest. They are our guides of our vision quest. Follow me, they say and I will lead you through this journey. Follow me and you will experience the light and through its color, my feelings. Follow me to a new place and a deeper way of seeing.

The images below explore the power of lines in wildlife photography.  Click on an image to start a full screen slideshow.

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