Basics - jwardenphotography

The Road of Trials

Author Joseph Campbell calls the obstacles and tests found in the quest of our life’s journey, the road of trials. In fiction and in movies, the road of trials is the exciting stuff of crossing raging rivers, climbing majestic mountains and battling those who would stand in the way of our path. Fortunately, the road of trials on our vision quest is just as exciting. The road of trials is about learning and understanding the basic elements of composition and design in order to create better photographs. This is the hard work of the vision quest and is stage of our journey which is meant to test our mettle. Each step, each test, edges us closer to our goal of being able to really see, the awesome beauty of the wildlife and the natural world around us. So, Let us unweave the rainbow and delve into the world of color and line, shape and texture, and in doing so, earn the powers of heightened awareness. There is a lot to consider, so we’ll break this stage of our quest into manageable pieces. Click on the folders below to learn more about each topic.


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