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Mist and smoke and fire on the water. What am I seeing, is that the sun, or the moon? The light is amazing, surreal. The clouds, curling and boiling are mysterious, creating feelings are of what...awe? What’s going on, what am I seeing here, what am I feeling? Suggestion, subtlety, mystery...

Emily Carr, in her book Hundreds and Thousands, perhaps said it best:

Form is fine and color and design and subject matter, but that which does not speak to the heart is worthless. It is the intensity of the feelings you have that counts.

It would be one thing to see the world through Emily Carr’s eyes. It would be quite another to experience the world with Emily Carr’s heart.

Recognizing and understanding the intensity of feelings that can result from something that we see takes us to a whole new level, a higher path on our vision quest. It takes us into the realm of passion where we experience solitude, tranquility, majesty, and the mysterious –the aesthetics of heightened awareness.

There are fifteen galleries below and each one explores a particular aspect of that which speaks to the heart, each one a step and a link on our journey.

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