Telling The Story - jwardenphotography

Mary Schaffer did a great job of telling the story of her quest to discover Maligne Lake. What particularly struck me about her story though, were the similarities between her journey of discovery and what author Joseph Campbell describes as a hero’s quest.

In his book The Hero With a Thousand Faces, Campbell, lays out the format of such a quest. An ordinary person, living an ordinary life, receives a call to venture into the unknown. Answering the call involves a journey in which the hero, usually accompanied by an actual or spiritual guide, is tested and challenged. Along this road of trials, the hero meets a feminine goddess figure who brings a fullness to the hero’s character and helps him realize the spiritual significance of his quest. In completing the quest, the hero is enlightened and returns to his ordinary world with a new understanding which he uses to improve humanity.

Joseph Campbell’s quest format seems to be a natural, helpful and consistent way to organize the story of my own journey to really see, with heightened awareness. I think it works, but let me know what you think.

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