Heightened Awareness - jwardenphotography

A long slow look is a practice of seeing the light and then layering on the basic skills we learned during the road of trials and the heightened skills we learned from ‘that which speaks to the heart. Through ceaseless daily practice, heiso ni ari  as the zen practitioners would say, we polish our skills and our spirit. The result, the synergy of all of these components, is heightened awareness. Those of us who are photographers have no choice but to try and express such a moment by painting with light.

Heightened Awareness is hearing snowflake land on the ground. It is the orange light of sunset, reflected on the undersides of a crow’s wings as it flies overhead. It’s knowing what to look for, where to look and how to create compositions that speak of magical moments. Heightened awareness is where we begin our inner journey because:

We must go on; our soul calls out for more.  - Emily Carr, 22 Oct 1935 lecture to the Normal School.

Ocean Breath
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