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It was early afternoon by the time I arrived at Alberta’s Upper Kananaskis Lake. With the sun high in the sky, it wasn’t particularly prime time for photography. I hadn’t been to the lake before though, so I thought I’d have a look before heading for home.

It was late September and I’d come to Kananaskis Country for the turning of the larches. Walking along a path by the water’s edge, I was immediately drawn to a splash of yellow just along the shoreline. Not a larch, but the yellows leaves of an aspen. The fall colours of K-Country were certainly providing a voice for the currents of nature. But it was the reflections in the water that demanded my attention. The aspen and spruce trees of the montane forest were seemingly dancing in the blue green waters of the lake. Here illustrated were the words of T.S. Elliot, ‘at the still point, there the dance is’.

In dance there is movement and that’s the draw of this composition, the dance of green on green. And yet…the sentiment is of stillness. There are no shimmers in the water, no trees or leaves waving in the wind. Here, there is stillness in motion.

In the yellow leaves of an aspen I have found ‘the still point of the dance’.

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