When I put the words ‘simplicity’ and ‘Vancouver Island’ together, my thoughts and feelings, turn to the crystalline moments of early morning on the Sooke Basin. Viewed from Billings Spit, there is a stillness across the waters at dawn. The ocean is protected in its basin and a deep quiet is held close by the misty arms of the encircling shoreline. The water and winds are calm. Eventually though, the first of the morning’s fishing boats breaks free from this serenity and speeds across the basin, towing a line of light in its wake. This is a moment of opportunity for inspired visual expression. Details have been pared away by the morning mist to reveal colour, light and line, three ingredients that express the luminous essence of early morning at Sooke.

A subtle breath of cloud and mist adds a delicious simplicity to this simple scene from Sooke Basin.
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