Driving up and out of the North Saskatchewan River valley, north of Sherwood Park, Alberta, the highlights and shadows of sunlight in the clouds, wove an intricate pattern of texture across the sky. Like an old pair of blue jeans or a worn and weathered belt, the cloud pattern appeared distressed, like a close-up view of the crackled paint on Mona Lisa’s cheek.

Wanting to connect in the moment with this tactile, touchy, feely sky, I stopped and set up my camera, placing the horizon line low in the viewfinder frame to emphasize and maximize the amazing craquelure sky.

Spring is weeks away yet and there an absence of vibrant colour to be found here at the gritty edge of the prairies. There are textures though, of the earth and sky, that reach out to rake my feelings and fire my imagination.

A Tasting of Texture
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