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Walking along the shores of Chesterman Beach near Tofino, B.C., I came across the above pattern in the sand. Receding wave rivulets had etched a natural design on the beach, just for me. The design, with light and dark shading and a fascinating texture was revealed in a moment of artistic perfection, and then erased, washed away in the next moment, by the next wave. On sandy beaches all over the world, waves roll in and out and in the moment in between, natural designs, waiting to be discovered.

A pattern is color, light and line, arranged for the pleasure of our eyes and the comfort of our mind. They occur in nature, on canvas or paper, as a synergy, created from the separate components. Patterns are the signs, guide posts or totems of our journey. They are a visual clue that the world around us is familiar and makes sense, yet in the shadows, there is mystery.

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