Untitled photo

Ropes and lines, converging upon the mast and spars of a tall ship cast in silhouette, give voice to artist Paul Klee’s quote that “a drawing is a line that went for a walk”. Interesting and somehow appropriate then that the derivation of the word photograph means to draw or paint with light.

While there are no actual lines in nature, no one going around with a large felt pen and a ruler marking out sight lines for us, what we do see as lines are the contrasts between light and dark, between differing tones of colour and different degrees of texture. Lines are directive by the nature that we impose on them, lifting and stabilizing us, leading us, and introducing us to the curves and double curves of the feminine. And it is through the directive communication of lines that I am led into the golden opportunity of experience. Lines are moments of inspiration, walking me along my journey, guiding me on my way.

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