Form builds on the flattened perspective of shape by adding depth, thereby creating an allusion of physical presence. In the two-dimensional medium of photographic prints, we see depth as degrees of tones and shadow.

It is these tones and shadows on the smooth, wave washed roots of a drift stump that create the wild and writhing forms we are confronted with on the next page. The Medusa-like roots take on a powerful physical presence, appearing to rise up off the page like monsters in a bad dream. Beyond the monsters though lies the rest of the story. The horizontal line of cloud and the trees in the background are familiar, stabilizing and comforting elements. Just off centre, through a hole in the tangle of roots, we see a person and water, symbols that offer us additional comfort. This is a beach scene, a seascape from the wild, west shores of Vancouver Island and it is the form of the driftwood snag, raising off the page, that gives it its power.

Untitled photo
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