Untitled photo

Taking photographs along the shore of the stormwater pond at the back of our previous home in Sherwood Park, Alberta, I was moving slow, concentrating, trying to see potential compositions in the new spring growth. A man, walking his dog along the footpath nearby, saw my camera and stopped. ‘What do you see?’ he asked. ‘Color light and line’, I replied, but there were many years of study and practice behind that answer.

Colour, light and line though, the basic elements of design and composition, are only half the journey. It was a quote by Todd James, a senior photo editor with National Geographic that elevated my thoughts on nature photography to a whole new level. ‘Don’t show me what you see, show me what you feel’.

Two segments of my artistic journey, what do I see and how do I feel about what I see. You can read about my quest and see the photographs of my adventures by opening the links in the menu bar.

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